My project is a Drama Short Film Festival,
happening in Budapest in Müvész Mozi f or
7 days int he Summer of 2021 or 2022.
This project’s aim is to get the opportunity
for young students or freelance filmmakers,
to gain visibility and to network with other
filmmakers and this may lead to more opportunities
and promising future works. For
youngfilmmakers, like me, independently if
they are Hungarian or from other countries
in or outside of the EU. It’s very difficult to
get to the industry and get to know people,
get contacts so this event aims to be the
perfect jump. All of the aspects of the festival
have been considered and all the datas are
hypothetical for now, but I specificly structured
the festival to incentivise the filmmakers
with money and with the potential entry
to a big international film festival as a grand
prize. I want to attract METU as a supporter
of the event as well, both with background
student support and with expert professor
participation. To have such an event gives
a very good motivation and networking opportunity
for young artists.

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